Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sometimes You Just Have to Jump....

......in the deep end of the pool!

This oft quoted quote (that follows below)-- has been attributed to several people, including Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper. With a bit more research, it appears that the quote and original author follow;
A ship in harbor is safe... but that is not what ships are built for. John A. Shedd, Salt from My Attic, 1928
Could be that much of our self-inflicted human suffering stems from not what we do-- but from what we don't do, or accomplish, or complete, or just even attempt. In sales seminars we learned about the, fear of success. So we stand or stay paralyzed from fear (or success) instead of moving forward.

It's much easier to paddle along the river when we really want to ride that white water! (Now keep in mind-- if we have been, addicted to always being in the white water-- perhaps at this point in time, a slow trip along the shore may BE the answer!)
For me-- it is back in the studio to and also do some more marketing and work on my action oriented business plan. (Inspired by my last post after reading Sue Smith's work.)
"Whitewater" painting available at 1000Markets: http://www.1000markets.com/users/constance


Anne Marie Propst said...

Constance, you are right about jumping into the deep end of the pool! My ad on facebook was my second jump....the first was putting my art out there via internet for others to see!!!

Constance said...

and ditos to all.
PLEASE keep us (me!) posted on how the ad fares!
I am working on another venue to display art.
Please follow me. I will post results.
You JUMPED and bobbed back up!! Good girl!!

Christine's Arts said...

but,but,but... ok no buts! I'm glad you jumped in and are OK, that's encouraging for the rest of us. I'm trying to put my art out there too and having a fun time of it although scary at first :E (that's me biting my lip)