Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Give Up-- Just Put a Chip in my Brain

Just how many PASSWORDS can one person have or worse yet REMEMBER?

"THEY" tell you not to have the same passwords for accounts and to change them every 30 days! I miss the good old days when the web just started to grow- it was as easy to remember your short and sweet password . Your dogs name or even that- <36-24-36> -Junior High gym locker combo. Ha!

Trying to think of a POSITIVE way to spin this sorry subject just makes my brain hurt.Typing the words PASSWORD HELL into the internet search box brought up 41 MILLION mentions. Must be a lot of brains hurting out there!

Well maybe The-Olde-Chip-In-The-Brain scenario is the way to go.
The worse ones are for our banking accounts. Screw up twice and risk getting locked out of your account for a fort-night! Have to drive to the darn bank and explain your misfortune after waiting in lines you wanted to avoid by on-line banking!

Oh there is a positive spin!
If my search is any indication-- if common experiences make for bonding-- we all have a zillion buddies OUT THERE!http://www.businessweek.com/the_thread/techbeat/archives/2005/11/escape_from_pas.html