Tuesday, December 30, 2008


"CUTE IS BACK!" ...I told my husband with a flip of my hair and a snap of my finger---after he commented how "great" I looked as we stepped out to dinner last week.
Well, why not?
Since $500 is the new $300---
we may as well be as CUTE as we can be waiting out this recession!
One great way I "go for cute" is to SHOP at MONA!
For an artist-- it is a fantastic-ly easy way to dress and Look like a darn artist without even trying!

photo credit MONA! and Paul Clark of Asheville Citizen Times

Our MONA! doesn't just go for cute--- she goes for FABULOUS
and has a legion of fans all over the country.
Her on-line store IS fabulous-- please go there and tell her The Conn-Artist sent you!
BTW- I own at least SIX pairs of MONA! shoes and they are the MOST COMFORTABLE and fun of any I have worn. And being "over 40" - hahaha-- I HAVE to wear "good" shoes like
Clarks or Merrell's etc...
she also has wonderful hoody sweaters--
all kinds of stuff like cool arty clothes, purses, jewelry, mostly hand made!

"Go For Cute" can't we? Well MONA! would say--
Go For Fabulous Honey-- when you look Fabulous, nobody notices your wrinkles!"Please COMMENT BACK and tell us what you are doing to stay UP, HAPPY, INSPIRED, CREATIVE or even CUTE!
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours!

Go and make your life a masterpiece- A Work of Art- START TODAY!

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What Do Artists Need Muse Wise?

I really want to know since it surely seems that our Market (at The Conn-Artist Studios and Art Gallery) IS THE ARTISTS!

Although WINNING this contest is only open to an artist who can travel to WNC to take advantage of a Free Open Studio Day--- anyone can enter if they agree to the rules as listed. The most creative one will win.

Have fun!