Thursday, June 4, 2009

Facebook | Linda Blondheim's Notes

Facebook Linda Blondheim's Notes:
"From Linda Blondheim Art Studio Art Lover Salon

Why Should You buy Art?

1. An original painting is entirely unique. There will never be another like it.
2. Original paintings bring beauty, power and emotion to your living and working
3. Original paintings provide prestige, focus and enhancement to the decor of a
4. Original paintings provide a window to another place and time, allowing you to
travel to all of the places you remember with pleasure. My patrons often think
of my paintings in terms of a portal to nature in their homes.
5. A well crafted original painting is a timeless gift to pass on to future generations.
6. Patrons who buy art now in tough times, are helping to choose the direction of
art movements for the future.
7. Purchasing small works allows you to have art to fit your mood and rotate it
as you choose. Small works are more flexible in your decorating scheme, making
it fun to move little collections around.
8. A large painting will be a signature element in a room, drawing everone's interest.
It is a statement about your vision for your living space.

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