Sunday, February 22, 2009

Addicted to Happiness Blog

Bravo to artist Sally Huss for such a positive way to greet and end the day.
Aren't we finding out now how important old fashion values are in this day and age?
Reminds me of the good advice older folks in my family offered. The past few decades many of us did back away from the simpler things in life. Now, now these same ideals seem comforting and refreshing!
Our Aunt Amelia -- who lived into her mid 90's in good health, credited adhering to her motto: Everything in moderation!

I am going to try Sally's Bedtime Story- she wrote on this post linked here.
If you try it too- please let me know how it goes.


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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Connie, Thanks for visiting my blog. I LOVE life---so that usually comes out in my blogs. I 'try'not to post anything negative---but sometimes that's hard (when I want to express my opinion).. ha ha

Please come back. I'm going to check yours out.