Wednesday, May 27, 2009


What a Gorgeous Blog I found this morning---
Click here for NYC Shoppe with light airy designs-- each one made me smile!

Since it is raining here-- for weeks it seems-- these designs uplifted my creative side this morning.
Enjoy with a cuppa joe-

Click here: edizioni

I tried to look up translation of "Edizioni"--
the only thing I can figure out is that it must be a name.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mississippi Writer Gets it Right in Western North Carolina from her Porch to Ours

The Writers Porch is a blog I have been following because I love the way the author- Carol Murdock of Hattiesburg, Mississippi pens a phrase.
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Imagine my surprise while stopping by to see my friend Sandi, owner of the Flat Rock Inn-- I met the author of The Writers Porch on a famous porch in Flat Rock North Carolina! And she was "following" me too! We hugged and that was so cool to meet one another!

And so it is that sometimes it just might take a Mississippi writer to Tell a Great Story about What is In Our Back Yard! That story is about Saint John In The Wilderness Church just several miles down the road from my studio.

There is so much history here under the shady tall trees that cool Greenville Highway-- the Main Street for Flat Rock. I have attended services at this wonderful Church and many artists in our group have painted her. The inspiration is palatable.
Carol got it right and I'd like to thank her.

Please note that Sandi at The Flat Rock Inn (circa 1888) welcomes you or your group.
At our studio we could create activities to help make your stay wonderful.
Asheville is only 30 minutes North with all their places to see.

Thanks again Carol-- and readers ENJOY her words!

There is MORE to this story -- as I found The Writers Porch because of a certain "character" named Trixie .
On The Porch in Historic Flat Rock- I learned me the REAL TRUTH!