Friday, July 10, 2009

Got Wiki'ed, Sold a Big Painting, + visited Atlanta ALL POSITIVE

"For Your Eyes Only" Portrait of Ian Fleming
36 inch by 36 inch Oil on board painting by Constance Vlahoulis

Ah, an Interesting Week indeed!
The weirder thing all week was I got an email from a man who is a Wikipedia writer who wanted to use a picture of my painting for his very complete post about Ian Fleming.
Interesting how small the world is as the writer lived in several places I lived in and knew another artist in our area. With any luck, perhaps this may bring a sale of this painting I am very proud of via my 1000 Markets Shop.

What helps keep the kids in shoes is that I sold a big triptych painting called Guardians of the Ridge at a local arty shop on Main Street called Delton and David.
This photo shows how the boys displayed the work. It is now in the hands of a Florida buyer.

Next Friday night I will display more work at this wonderful shop and be available to chat it up with tourists. I might even bring "For Your Eyes Only" in hopes of a sale.

In Atlanta I spent two days with my great friend and fabulous artist, Wendy Whitson. One of the many highlights was a trip to the High Museum to view the Claude Monet Water Lilies exhibit! Now I want to paint lilly pads! ha! WHAT an inspiration!

I wonder what next week will bring? More blessings I hope and trust!


Susan Webb Tregay NWS said...

Hey Connie, Congrats on your sale!! I'm thrilled for you. Wish that I could say the same for me ;-).


Suzy said...

Congratulations on your sales. Selling paintings can be a long process but it looks like you're doing just fine!

Jan O said...

What an Honor to be chosen for Wikipedia! I am not surprised since your work is unique and you are a go getter with so much positive energy.

Patrice said...

Great and uplifting post! The portrait is great and deserves the recognition - and the triptych - Wow!