Monday, May 18, 2009

Where Have All the Muses Gone? -

Great piece in the Wall Street Journal.
You'll might need some time to think about this.
My first thought was we are sure blessed to be in this corner of the world in Western North Carolina.
We have MUSES galore!

Living in this area I have met and gotten to know literally COUNTLESS real muses.
Super talented, super real, women who make me want to be a better woman/muse myself!

Since being a muse is something I do everyday--I welcome your comments!

Where Have All the Muses Gone? -


Patrice said...

Thanks for the link to the WSJournal article. Pretty good summary of the history of muses... but musing is alive and well - and a muse need not be a cliche maiden nor a b-buster of a woman.

My muses are many - and may nave four legs, or wings, be of any age or sex or no gender whatsoever.

I amuse myself... heh...

Constance said...

I was hoping someone noticed that I think we have MANY MANY wonderful muses!
I did like it for the history end of it.
I've been meaning to make a comment on the WSJ site to the positive.