Monday, September 29, 2008

Baby's First Book

Your know the one-
That pretty blue or pink Baby Book you received at your First Baby Shower.
Even though the book is all organized for you-- (all you have to do
is to fill in the darn lines)-- to describe all of baby's FIRST accomplishments-
it proved to be difficult to complete before "the baby" graduated from collage didn't it?

Perhaps y
ou may have made the same promise to yourself:
IF I really Loved My Baby I will finish this Baby Book!

Number One Son's Book is sort-of done and oddly enough in
the dark amber wood Hope Chest my grandmother gave to me circa-1970.
I always thought I could have "done better" but after looking through it-- it is just fine. Not exciting like scrappers today can make something-- but it got the job done in the mid '70's and his first sits, stands, words are recorded forever in a "non"-acid free binder--

My true guilt lies with Number Two Son.

I don't even have to comment further do I?
I see that guilty look on our face too-

Well, it is with these same guilty thoughts I begin to BLOG.
Will I keep it up?
Will it do my art business any good?
Will it take too much time away from home, the studio, the husband?

Won't know 'less I give it a go.
Much like starting a painting-- it is a leap of faith isn't it?

But with artfulness spilling into most everyone's life we do have more tools to be creative.
We artists paint, journal, & flickr our way through each day it seems (...then try to fit in some "work" to pay for our passions).

So I PROMISE myself to blog--
We'll see how that works out won't we?

Oh what the heck- Let's Roll!

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